What is the impact of lighting on human health?

Answer The amount of light a human soaks in during a normal day has a tremendous impact on both his mental and physical health. For folks who live in climates without much natural sunshine or suffer from ... Read More »

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Please provide 10 ways in which environmental health hazards can impact negatively on one's health?

Air pollution can cause:Respiratory disases (asthma, lung cancer, etc.)Water pollution:Cancer, birth defects, acid rain, & a variety of disordersExcessive trash:Risk of cutting self if stepped on s... Read More »

How do government sponsored programs for special age groups populations children mental health impact health care costs?

Some bleeding after the cord falls off is normal. If it infected it may cause more bleeding. Continuous bleeding is a cause for concern and requires evaluation by a pediatrician and investigation.

What is the human impact on the tundra?

By definition the tundra is a treeless plain of vast proportions in an arctic region where the subsoil remains permanently frozen, according to WordNetWeb. But in reality the tundra is a unique bio... Read More »

Human Impact on Soils?

Ecosystems can normally cope with most types of disturbance. However, human disturbance often occurs too quickly for the environment to respond, negatively affecting the soils and the plants and an... Read More »