What is the iPhone Berry?

Answer The iPhone Berry does not exist.

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What is better an iPhone 3g or a black berry strom?

I think iphone is better cuz it is touch and it looks VERY nice at the back like a mirror and it is VERY thin

Iphone or black berry?

both and i love them i have not got the money for any thing else

Which one is better an iPhone or a black berry?

iphone for shore it is better than black berry and if you need the black berry msn you can have it in iphone every thing in black berry it is on iphone but every thing in iphone it is not in black ... Read More »

Why do they call strawberry a berry if its not a berry?

For a while, it was mistaken for a berry, as it looks like any other "berry". The seeds on the outside are not really seeds, but they are the strawberries ovaries. Yet, even with this knowledge, pe... Read More »