What is the normal human body temperature in Celsius?

Answer The equivalent to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is 37 degrees Celsius.This is the "average" normal human body temperature, which is slightly lower in adults. The range is 36.8 degrees plus or minus 0.7 d... Read More »

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What is the highest recorded human body temperature?

I've been a nurse for 18 years and have taken thousands and thousands of temperatures...Your temp 40.8C is 105.4F. The highest one I ever took was 105.2. The body can start having seizures around ... Read More »

What is the ideal swimming pool temperature if you have 30-34 Celsius outside air temperature?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS%Answer30C-34C is about 86F-93F! That temp will generally feel too warm for most people in a pool.A better temp that would suit more people would be around 27C-29C or 80F-84F. The ... Read More »

What is Celsius temperature?

Celsius temperature is a metric measurement of temperature. The temperature range between freezing and boiling water is divided into 100 segments. These segments are the Celsius degrees. Water free... Read More »

What is the temperature in space in Celsius?

According to Jonathan Keohane of NASA, space has a temperature of -270.45 degrees C or 2.7 K. Even the most isolated parts of space are at least -270.45 C because background radiation permeates thr... Read More »