What is the hottest type of Doritos?

Answer The chapotle ones

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If I wash 100% polyester pants on the hottest setting and dry them on the hottest setting...........?

The only way to shrink clothes is by altering them. If you know how to sew, you can do this yourself. If not, many dry cleaners alter clothes. Washing and drying clothes won't shrink them...especi... Read More »

Pringles or Doritos?

Oh man - It so depends on what you're in the mood for - they are both awesome in their own rite.Pringles are good because they are salty and sweet - and they are dangerous b/c they seem so light yo... Read More »

Can you eat doritos with braces on?

yes anyone can. But YOU! NO NEVER!!!!!!!!!1

Are there any benefits to Doritos?

1. Taste. They satisfy the need for fat, sugar, and salt, all in one.2. Convenience. You don't have to cook anything (you just open a bag, and, voila!)3. Excellent for the "munchies," because (see ... Read More »