What is the horsepower of a Yamaha Grizzly?

Answer Yamaha Grizzly all-terrain vehicles come in several models from the 125 to the 700. Mid-range models 400 and 450 have around 26 horsepower and the 700 has around 47. Yamaha only shows engine size a... Read More »

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How to Put on Over Fenders on a 700 Yamaha Grizzly?

Installing fenders on your Yamaha Grizzly will give the ATV a customized look and help keep debris from hitting you while you are riding. Before you can install the fenders, you will need to buy th... Read More »

Can You Ride Two on a Yamaha Grizzly ATV?

Legally you cannot ride two-up on any of the Yamaha ATVs, including the Grizzly. Yamaha has not yet introduced a Utility Quad that can carry two passengers to compete with the Can-Am Max or the Arc... Read More »

What is the top speed of the Yamaha Grizzly 660?

The Yamaha Grizzly 660 is a workhorse utility quad in the Yamaha lineup of all-terrain vehicles. Since the model came out in 1998, it has been one of Yamaha's best-selling machines. With the 660 en... Read More »

How do I Fill a Yamaha Grizzly Radiator?

As with any engine, the radiator on a Yamaha Grizzly is what cools the engine and keeps it from overheating. Properly filling the radiator is an important part of normal maintenance. The radiator u... Read More »