What is the home country of Nikon camera?

Answer Yes

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What country is the Nikon digital camera made in?

You just put it down. About 30 seconds after you take your finger off the shutter button, it goes off by itself.

Nikon coolpix digital camera and the nikon transfer software when you plug your camera in no devices are ever found Has anyone else had this problem or know what you could do?

yes, i have the same problem. I still cant fix it but, i am using my desktop for the transfer. If i found solution i will not hasitate to inform you.

Your Nikon d80 fell down in home on the floor How do you check that the camera is not damaged?

This might seem a highly technical response but try this:Take a few pictures.If they come out all right, you're probably OK.If they don't, your camera's broke.

Will a Nikon 35mm SLR film camera lens fit a Nikon digital camera?

Yes, if your camera has the detachable lens option (lens' are able to be removed from the base of the camera). All brands that are the same as your camera will fit.