What is the hole in men's underwear called?

Answer Sometimes called a "fly," the hole in the front of men's underwear is actually more like a slit or a placket. It can be referred to in the vernacular as an "exit hole."Source:Invertor Spot: Underwe... Read More »

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What is a hole in one called in golf?

In golf, a hole in one is called an "ace." An ace is when a golfer hits the ball directly into the cup from the tee in one shot. The odds of a player making a hole in one in any given round are 5,0... Read More »

What is three under par on a hole of golf called?

A three under par in golf is called a double eagle or an Albatross. Albatross, a very rare bird, is an extension of the bird theme for good golf scores from a birdie (one under par) to eagle (two u... Read More »

What is the hole of a sewing needle called?

The hole at the top of the a sewing needle is called an "eye." You should thread the sewing thread through the eye of the needle to begin your project.References:Dimensions Guide: Sewing Needle Siz... Read More »

What is the overflow hole in a sink called?

According to the website "Plumber Surplus," it's called an overflow-prevention device. In some cases, it may be referred to as an overflow hole and should not be confused with a mounting hole, whic... Read More »