What is the hindi word for oat...................?

Answer The word is Jai.

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Help ..How can we type in hindi in Wikipedia I know both Hindi and English so I want to write something .?

Sure just go here:

What is the meaning of Sahil in Hindi?

The Hindi word "Sahil" is a name that translates to English either as "riverbank" or "leader." It is a given name for boys, but is not popular in the United States.References:Think Baby Names: Sah... Read More »

What do you call a strainer in Hindi?

It is called Chhanni. ( छन्नी )

What is the meaning of cumin in Hindi?

According to Indian Food Glossary, the Hindi word for "cumin" is pronounced "jeera" or "zeera." A writer at Spice Pages says that this is derived from the Sanskrit word "jri," a verbal root that me... Read More »