What is the average vertical jump?

Answer The vertical jump height is measured by the distance between someone's highest possible reach with outstretched fingertips and the highest point he or she can reach by jumping. This distance is an ... Read More »

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What is used to measure vertical jump?

There are several ways to measure vertical jump, but the most used method in professional and college sports as of June 2010 is the Vertec Jump Measurement System. The Vertec is a stand with a ser... Read More »

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump Through Plyometrics?

One of the most effective ways to increase your vertical jump is to implement Plyometric exercises in your training. Their benefits have been proven many times, but they can be easily abused and ba... Read More »

Do Your Shoes Affect Your Vertical Jump?

The hard truth is no shoes will inherently enhance a person's vertical jump. But though there are no shortcuts around hard, physical training, platform shoes can help train a person to jump higher.

How to Improve Your Vertical Jump in 8 Weeks?

A complete introduction to quickly improving your vertical leap. The methods mentioned here are the same methods used by professional athletes and elite trainers around the world.