What is the average vertical jump?

Answer The vertical jump height is measured by the distance between someone's highest possible reach with outstretched fingertips and the highest point he or she can reach by jumping. This distance is an ... Read More »

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What is used to measure vertical jump?

There are several ways to measure vertical jump, but the most used method in professional and college sports as of June 2010 is the Vertec Jump Measurement System. The Vertec is a stand with a ser... Read More »

What is the highest running vertical cat leap?

A cat can jump up to seven times the height of her tail, and she can jump five times higher than her own height. Certain factors--such as the animal's weight, size, health and motivation for jumpin... Read More »

What is the highest vertical leap recorded in sports?

Kadour Ziani, a basketball player with the traveling group Slamnation, achieved the highest recorded vertical leap at 60 inches. Other professional athletes have tried to come close to that mark, i... Read More »

What is the highest bungee jump?

As of December, 2006, the world's highest bungee jump was undertaken by "The Father of Bungee Jumping", A.J. Hackett, at Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center. Macau Tower is located outs... Read More »