What is the highest sum insured given till date under a D and O policy?

Answer Are you sure you don't mean an ''E'' and O policy? If so you will need to search court cases for that answer, and still many settlements are confidential.

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What is the difference between a named insured and an additional insured on a general liability policy?

Attorneys will often say there is no difference, when it comes to extending coverage for legal liability. However, depending the specific additional form used there might be substanial differences ... Read More »

If you have an insurance policy to drive any vehicle would you still be insured to drive a car that is not insured by the owner?

Answer The answer is "it depends." I know of no insurance companies that issue policies "to drive any vehicle" ... automobile insurance, at least in the USA, is based on the car being driven. In ... Read More »

Which is the best speech recognition software for pc till date?

I have tried some of them, most of them suck, and you get bored after a while, but the best was the one that came with windows, you don't want to spend your money on a software you will use for a f... Read More »

What are the names of all satellites launched till date?

Improve1.Aryabhata19.04.1975First Indian satellite. Provided technological experience in building and operating a satellite system. Launched by Russian launch vehicle Intercosmos.2.Bhaskara-I07.06.... Read More »