What is the highest resolution 21.5" monitor i can get ?

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What happens if a 24'' monitor has the same resolution as a 27'' monitor?

It simply means the 24" has a higher pixel density. Since both monitors have the same resolutions, a fixed-pixel sized image would appear smaller on a 24" than a 27".

What is the highest resolution on the blue ray player?

1080 pixels. And you need an 1080p HDTV in order to get the full resolution of the Blu-Rayy disc

What is the highest screen resolution possible?

The leapfrog game played by manufacturers wanting to hold that oh-so-coveted "world's largest" claim has spread from megapixels to HDTVs, and now onto resolution. This time around, however, NEC is ... Read More »

What is monitor resolution?

Monitor resolution (more commonly referred to as display resolution) is defined as the number of pixels that can be displayed at any given time. Higher resolutions lead to clearer and more well-def... Read More »