What city in Pennsylvania has the highest crime rate?

Answer Pennsylvania did not rank in the top 20 states for crime in 2009, but Philadelphia ranked amongst the top 15 cities in America for its crime rates in the same year.References:Wallet Pop: Top 24 Mos... Read More »

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What is the highest grade point average?

Grade point average, or GPA, is an average of the numerical values of all letter grades earned and a measure of how well a student has performed in school. On the academic letter grading scale, whi... Read More »

What is the highest grade point average you can have?

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Who is the highest ranking officer in the probation department in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole is headed by Chairwoman Catherine C. McVey. Parole agents, who oversee those under probation, do not carry the same ranks as police officers in the st... Read More »

Can a Lender Charge You a Discount Point on Mortgage Loans in Pennsylvania?

Two kinds of points can be included in a mortgage. One is called an origination point; the other is a discount point. Each of these points usually equals 1/100 percent of the amount borrowed. If yo... Read More »