How to Ollie?

Answer What is an ollie, some might ask? An ollie is a fun way to jump with your skateboard still under your control. Any serious skateboarder will tell you that the ollie is the most fundamental of all s... Read More »

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How to Land an Ollie?

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How to Ollie off a Curb?

A basic street skateboarding technique is Ollie off of curbs. Once you master the Ollie, you can try to Ollie off small objects such as a curb. It's a bit different than doing a regular Ollie and m... Read More »

How to Ollie On Heelys?

It takes practice to learn how to learn to use heelys, practice just rolling on them before you attempt to do tricks with them.To do air tricks you first must learn to get into the air! So, here's ... Read More »

How to Ollie Into a Manual?

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