What is the highest number of babies exclusively breastfed from a single birth?

Answer Traditionally, a baby shower is only meant for the first baby. However, we are seeing more people have showers for subsequent babies, especially if they did not have a shower for the first baby, th... Read More »

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What do you feed an exclusively breastfed baby after he is weaned?

Normal table foods that you would eat and whole milk either in a cup or bottle. If the child is older than one you might want to consider skipping the bottle altogether and giving him a sippy cup t... Read More »

How many babies can a single woman give birth to?

I think 6 live births is the highest on record.

What is the highest number of human babies born at a time?

The highest number of babies born at one time is 10 to a lady in Brazil.

Why is it healthy for babies to be breastfed?

Human breast milk has one advantage over every baby formula ever invented, it is a naturally perfect food for them with the entire history of humanity standing as it's clinical trial. When babies a... Read More »