What is the highest degree for accounting?

Answer The highest degree you can earn in accounting is a Ph.D. Students pursing this degree can qualify for jobs as accountants, tax specialists and chief financial officers. Students with a Ph.D. can al... Read More »

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How Can I Get a Degree in Accounting When I Have a B.S.?

The accounting field is growing faster than the rest of the economy, and people holding accounting degrees may find it easier to find employment, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The me... Read More »

How Can I Get Degree in Accounting When I Have a BS?

Getting an accounting degree once you have a Bachelor of Science, or B.S., is not too difficult. With a current 4-year B.S. degree, you have taken most of the general education courses that you'll ... Read More »

How to Get a Degree in Accounting?

Getting a degree in accounting can open up many jobs and opportunities within the fields of finance and business. An accounting degree can improve your chances of getting hired in a prestigious fir... Read More »

What can you do with a degree in accounting?

Accounting is a versatile degree. The principles of accounting are useful for any business owner. With an accounting degree, you can find jobs in public firms, companies, government agencies, or sc... Read More »