What is the cruising altitude of a 747?

Answer There is no specific cruising altitude for a Boeing 747. Cruising altitude is the height at which the maximum fuel efficiency can be achieved and that depends on wind speed, temperature, cargo load... Read More »

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What altitude is the timberline?

The timberline, or tree line, on a mountain is the altitude after which trees cannot grow because it is too cold. The temperature can be affected by different factors, including prevailing wind dir... Read More »

What is flight altitude?

Flight altitude is the height that an airplane, helicopter or other aircraft rises to when flying. Flight altitude is measured in comparison to sea level. Among the factors that affect the altitude... Read More »

What is the meaning of pressure altitude?

Defined as the altitude corresponding to a given pressure, assuming standard atmosphere, pressure altitude is used in the calibration of avionic altimeters as a means for determining how high off t... Read More »

At what altitude do most jet planes fly?

Commercial airliners are assigned a cruising altitude of between 28,000 and 33,000 feet. This altitude will vary based on air traffic, size of the plane and distance of the flight. Longer flights w... Read More »