What have you eaten today that has the highest calorie content?

Answer A few slices of bacon that I had with my toast and eggs this morning but it was soooooooooooo good. I am getting ready to beat that though when I eat some of the brownies I have baking in the oven.... Read More »

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What is the highest ranking that a person serving the Army can have during peace time?

Do u think people that have the highest pts in this website are all obsessed in one way or another?

What was the name of the show that featured the leading man that liked to draw cartoon characters He may have been an artist. He had two daughters and a young guy that may have moved in upstairs.?

as distinct from Cartoons- there were ony two regular tv programs- both situation comedies which were about the life and times of a Cartoonist. One was He and She and the strip he drew was called (... Read More »

The highest honor that the U.S. government can give civilian is the what?