What is the highest currency in the world?

Answer The highest currency in the world is that currency which is the most expensive currency to buy, no matter what other currency you use to make the purchase. As of July 2010, the Kuwaiti Dinar has mo... Read More »

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Where is the world's highest suspension bridge?

As of 2010, China boasts the world's highest suspension bridge: the Sidu River Bridge in the central province of Hubei, which hangs about 1,550 feet over the Sidu River. The bridge, which spans alm... Read More »

Is America the highest in the world for obesity?

Countries use many different measures to determine the prevalence of obesity, so comparisons can be difficult. For the most part, however, the rate of obesity of males and females in the United Sta... Read More »

What was the world's highest inflation rate?

The world's highest inflation rate varies over time but as of February 2009, that distinction belonged to the African country of Zimbabwe, which had a rate of 231 million percent. In an attempt to... Read More »

The Highest Producers of Silver in the World?

A number of countries contribute to the world production of silver. The demand for silver falls into three main categories: industrial and decorative, photography, and jewelry and silverware, accor... Read More »