What is the highest ranking that a person serving the Army can have during peace time?

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What is the highest credit rating a person can receive?

The FICO credit score ranges between 300 and 850, so 850 is the theoretical maximum credit score. Realistically, a perfect 850 score is all but impossible, as credit bureau requirements become prog... Read More »

If a person without diabetes ate a huge amount of sugar,what is the highest his blood sugar would go?

The person will suffer from hyperglycemia for a temporary period. He will feel excessive thirst and excessive secretion of urine. The excess sugar in the blood will be released along with urine.

What Elements Have the Highest Electronegativity?

Investigating the nature of chemical bonds, the chemist Linus Pauling developed the idea of electronegativity in 1932. He assigned elements a number ranging from 4, for fluorine, to .7, for cesium,... Read More »

What is the highest grade point average you can have?

A grade point average ranges anywhere from 0.0 to 4.0. A grade point average (GPA) of 4.0 is the highest score you can receive. According to, your GPA is determined by "dividing th... Read More »