What is too high of a temperature for a newborn baby?

Answer Anything above 98.6 degrees (farenheit).

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What is a high temperature load cell?

Load cells are a type of transducer that converts force or pressure into an electrical signal that can be measured. High temperature load cells can measure a range of high temperatures, with some r... Read More »

What is a high temperature for a 5 month baby?

What is the average high& low temperature on Jupiter?

Jupiter's temperature at the top of its clouds is about -230 degrees Fahrenheit, according to NASA. The temperature increases below the clouds and reaches approximately 43,000 degrees Fahrenheit at... Read More »

What is the average high temperature of alaska?

Alaska has several climate zones, which causes a wide range of temperatures. Each area has its own average temperatures. The average annual high temperature can range from 15.3 degrees Fahrenheit i... Read More »