What is the height for a child to not go in a car seat?

Answer Depends on your location. Usually it's 13. Phone your police department and ask.There are very few laws related to this. The key questions are: Is the child safe? Does the child feel safe? Does the... Read More »

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What height does a child have not to use a booster seat?

I believe the answer is 4'9". There is also a weight limit if your child is on the shorter side. If your child does not meed either requirement, then you have to use a booster seat.

What height can a child sit in front seat?

As far as I know, you have to be 13 to sit in the front, but you may want to check on the internet again because it is different for each state. You have to weigh 80 lbs

What height does a child need to be to ride in the front seat?

What is the mainamum height for a child on a booster seat?

put them in the corner or tell them if they run you are going to take away their favorite toy or activity away until they learn to stop running