What is the heaviest weight you have ever been?

Answer The weight I am now.. but then I am nearly 6 months preggers lol!I currently weigh 9.3 stone (which is about 130 pounds). Normaly I weigh about 7.10 stone (99 pounds) I'm only 5"2 though! =)

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What is the weight of the world's heaviest onion?

Answer The world record for the heaviest onion is a 16lb 8½oz (468g) onion grown in West Midlands. The previous record was a 15lb 15½oz (454g) onion which held the record for ten years.

If you had been born now, what would your name have been Would you ever use it?

Mine would be Mia! Not bad, but I wouldn't use it...I'm not a fan of Top 10 names which mine was no. 10 the year I was born and I absolutely would not use any of the names on the top 10 list when n... Read More »

Who is the world's heaviest priest - what is the weight and is there a photograph?

Unless there was some kind of competition, there is no way of knowing any of those things.

What is the heaviest babby to ever be birthed?

The heaviest TWINS birth weight were born to Mrs. J.P. Haskin of Arkansas, on February 20 1924, totalling 27 lbs 12ozs.Charli's 3yo twins were born weighing 9lbs a piece, totalling 18lbs 3oz.HOLY S... Read More »