What is the heaviest weight you have ever been?

Answer The weight I am now.. but then I am nearly 6 months preggers lol!I currently weigh 9.3 stone (which is about 130 pounds). Normaly I weigh about 7.10 stone (99 pounds) I'm only 5"2 though! =)

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What is the heaviest cardstock?

The heaviest cardstock is 120 lb. cover stock. Standard U.S. cover stock weight is determined by weighing 500 20-by-26-inch stacked sheets. Text stock, such as copy paper, has similar standard weig... Read More »

What is the heaviest noble gas?

Of the six noble gases, radon is the heaviest, with an atomic weight of 222. Radon can form chemical combinations under certain conditions, even though the noble gases are known for being inert.Sou... Read More »

The Heaviest Types of Wood?

The weight of a wood is related to its density and hardness. Hardwoods have a higher cell density, larger amounts of lignin in the cell walls and a smaller percentage of tiny air spaces (pores) wi... Read More »

What is the heaviest 3 month old baby?

999,123,123,124,238,490,823,857,892,352 tons