What is the heaviest metal on the periodic table?

Answer The heaviest metals on the periodic table by density (the mass per unit of volume) are osmium and iridium. The calculated density of iridium is 22.65 g per cubic centimeter and the calculated densi... Read More »

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What is a transition metal on the periodic table?

The transition metals are those elements with partially filled d-shells--a certain arrangement of electrons that makes these elements especially reactive and able to form many different ions. Gener... Read More »

What is the most active metal in the periodic table?

The alkali metals (those occupying group IA) are the most reactive elements in the periodic table. Furthermore, reactivity increases with increasing atomic weight. Thus, the element in the lower le... Read More »

What is the most reactive non-metal on the periodic table?

The element fluorine, with an atomic number of 9 and a symbol of F on the periodic table, is not only the most reactive non-metal element, but also the most reactive of all the elements. It was fir... Read More »

Is number 68 on the periodic table a metal, nonmetal or a metalloid?

On the periodic table, element 68 is erbium, whose chemical abbreviation is Er. It is a rare-earth metal in the lanthanide series. It has 68 protons, and is a silvery color.References:Los Alamos Na... Read More »