What is the heaviest babby to ever be birthed?

Answer The heaviest TWINS birth weight were born to Mrs. J.P. Haskin of Arkansas, on February 20 1924, totalling 27 lbs 12ozs.Charli's 3yo twins were born weighing 9lbs a piece, totalling 18lbs 3oz.HOLY S... Read More »

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What is the heaviest weight you have ever been?

The weight I am now.. but then I am nearly 6 months preggers lol!I currently weigh 9.3 stone (which is about 130 pounds). Normaly I weigh about 7.10 stone (99 pounds) I'm only 5"2 though! =)

How heavy was the heaviest alcoholic youve ever seen?

Bit of an oxymoronic question this...because a liquid with more alcohol in it is, because alcohol is lighter than water, lighter. So, the "heaviest" if you mean strongest, which I think you do, is ... Read More »

Who is the heaviest woman to ever give birth or how much did she weigh?

Her name is Donna Simpson. She weighed 520 pounds at time of delivery. The baby, affectionately known as Baby J. weighed 8 pounds and 14 ounces and was born on 02/13/2007. This delivery took place ... Read More »

Can I sell the meat from the deer I shot?

You cannot sell wild game meats legally. The United States Department of Agriculture allows the sale of farm-raised game species, but not of wild animals. The deer you shot can only be used for per... Read More »