What is the heat capacity of copper?

Answer The heat capacity, or specific heat of copper is 0.385 J/g(degree C), where the units are Joules (J), gram (g) and degree Celsius (degree C). To raise a gram of copper one degree Celsius requires 0... Read More »

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What is the heat capacity of air?

The specific heat, or heat capacity of air is 1.01 J/g(degree C). In order to raise the temperature of one gram of air one degree Celsius, 1.01 Joules of heat are required.Source:Specific Heat and ... Read More »

How to Find Heat Capacity?

All materials can be heated up. Some can be heated more easily than others. A cast iron pan will get hotter than an aluminum pan will when left on the same burner for the same length of time. Thoug... Read More »

What is the heat capacity of the epidermis?

The outer layer of the skin, known as the epidermis, is sensitive to temperature. Damage to the epidermis begins at temperatures above 44 degrees C, or 112.2 degrees F. A 1943 study by researchers ... Read More »

What is the heat capacity of steam?

At a constant pressure of 1 standard atmosphere, the heat capacity of steam is 35.87 Joules per mole per Kelvin. This means that 35.87 Joules of energy are required to raise one mole of steam by on... Read More »