What is the heart rate for a baby boy?

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My baby's heart rate is 150 bpm is that a boy or a girl?

What Is a Newborn Baby's Heart Rate?

A heart rate is the number of times a heart beats per minute. According to the American Heart Association, a newborn's heart beats about 140 times a minute. As a child grows, the rate slows. A teen... Read More »

What is the heart rate for an unborn baby boy?

According to the Fetal Doppler Facts website, the heart rate of unborn babies does not differ between a male or female. The average fetal heart rate is considered normal as long as it ranges betwee... Read More »

What is a normal heart rate for a baby before&after birth?

The normal heart rate for a baby before and after birth ranges from around 90 to 160 beats per minute. Before delivery, a fetal heart rate monitor is normally strapped around the mother's belly to ... Read More »