*****What is the healthiest thing to smoke*****?

Answer Nothing- why not eat chewing gum instead?

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What is the Healthiest way to smoke weed?

Vaporizer.Weed's not healthy for you but some of the people responding to this are sounding pretty ridiculous. It won't give you cancer - in fact, THC is said to fight cancer - and lots of people ... Read More »

What is the healthiest thing to get at Starbucks?

ANY drinks that are low calories. If you wanted lattes or any other coffees type, you should ask for sugar free and skinny milk. It should be healthier!! I love Starbucks!!

What do you think is the healthiest thing to get at dunkin donuts?

you're going to dunkin donuts to get coffee or donuts/breakfastscrew water or fruit, you can get that anywhere elsei recommend getting just a coffee is pretty much fat freebut you're p... Read More »

What is the healthiest thing on a menu at an indian restaurant?

Avoid naan at all costs. Because its made from all purpose flour and not whole wheat flour. Also avoid paneer and anything that says malai or makhani. Malai/Makhani is cream and paneer is similar t... Read More »