What is the best position to sleep in Is there a "correct" way we as humans should sleep?

Answer Its best to lie on your left side. your right lung has three lobes, the left one only has two. When you lay on your left side it allows the lobes on the right to fully expand.

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What position do you normally sleep in?

Waking up in the same position i went to sleep?

I get like that too when Im really really really exhausted and fall asleep really good. Basically, you sleep and don't move at all like you stated and your body basically sleeps too. (like when you... Read More »

In what position should a newborn sleep?

Your baby should be placed to sleep on his back. No positioners are needed; there should be nothing in the crib but your newborn. Sleeping on his back and having no additional items in his crib all... Read More »

What is the best position to sleep in to prevent snoring?

There are 3 ; On either Side. On Ones Stomach. Or on Ones Back- on a slight Incline, where the Head & Shoulders are elevated above the rest of the Body.