What is the healthiest food?

Answer It depends on what nutrients you are searching for. Some would say proteins are the healthiest because they help you get muscles, some would say fats are the healthiest because they help you use nu... Read More »

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What is the healthiest dry cat food?

On One Hand: Wide Variety of ChoicesOn the one hand, there are literally hundreds of dry cat foods available, and finding the healthiest one can be a challenge. There is no one "best" food, howeve... Read More »

What is the healthiest dry dog food?

On One Hand: Labels are MisleadingThe healthiest commercial dry dog food is Karma Organic because it is 95 percent organic and no other dry commercial dog food is known to have this much organic co... Read More »

What is the healthiest fast food restaurant to eat at?

I would personally say Panera Bread, but any restaurant that goes along the same lines as Panera would be great also. They have fresh food choices with many varieties of meat, cheese, vegetables, a... Read More »

What would be the healthiest food for me to eat in South America?

Chicken and rice is the main staple diet and their roast beef is also very good (carne asada). They tend to eat casava root (yuca) instead of boiled potatoes which is a heathlier option.Salads with... Read More »