What is the health benefit of eating bitter chocolate related to the cardiovascular system?

Answer Chocolate in its purest form is bitter. The common chocolate you consume has sugar and other ingredients mixed with it. According to Colorado State University, the unsweetened, bitter chocolate is ... Read More »

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Is eating bitter melon good for you?

yes but with some warnings alsoEastern Medical UsesBitter melon has been used in traditional eastern medicine for centuries. Bitter melon can be prepared as a herbal remedy in many ways and used fo... Read More »

If chocolate will rise the cholesterol/ fat in body, then how it protect from cardiovascular problem?

Dark chocolate is better for your heart, but its best to limit how much you eat of it anyways.

Australia. Public health system vs private health system. Wisdom teeth extraction.?

You need to be on the absolute top cover to get wisdom tooth extraction covered - and you only get a max of 1K back per year for this. Add to that you have to have the insurance for 6 months first ... Read More »

What is another name for the cardiovascular system?

According to, the cardiovascular system is the "...Anatomy and Physiology of Blood, Blood Cells, Heart, and Blood Vessels..." Another name for the cardiovascular system is the circ... Read More »