What is the hazard of condensation in food containers?

Answer Condensation in food containers damages the contents, resulting in food loss. It also increases the risk of illness from bacteria growth.Added MoistureCondensation adds moisture to the food stored ... Read More »

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Can food be frozen in glass food containers?

You can freeze food in glass containers, but many foods expand when they freeze and will shatter regular glass if the container is full. Heavy-duty cooking glass, such as Pyrex, is freezer-friendly... Read More »

Can styrofoam food containers be recycled?

Styrofoam is the brand name of a type of plastic known as polystyrene. Polystyrene gives off toxic fumes when it burns and most recycling programs refuse to accept it. You can, however, attempt to ... Read More »

Is acetal used in food grade containers?

Many acetal polymers are FDA-compliant for use in food-contacting applications, including food and drink containers. Acetals are chemically-resistant, mechanically-robust plastics that are also use... Read More »

Are food storage containers from China safe?

On One Hand: Some Contain BPAAccording to New Jersey's Department of Human Services, some food storage containers from China contain Bisphenol-A, also known as BPA. The FDA warns that high levels o... Read More »