What is hardest wood flooring?

Answer Brazilian teak is the hardest.

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What is the hardest wood for flooring?

Lingnum vitae is the hardest wood flooring available, scoring a 4500 rating on the Janka Hardness Scale. Because Lignum vitae is classified as a potentially endangered species, it is not often avai... Read More »

What is the hardest wood floor finish?

Moisture-cured urethanes provide the hardest wood finish. They use the moisture in the air to dry to a durable finish. Be aware that moisture-cured urethanes are very dangerous chemicals, and they ... Read More »

What is the hardest North American domestic wood?

What is the hardest wood available for flooring in North America?

probably Brazilian Walnut, may not be the absolute hardest but for practical purposes it is. You could go with some of the Iron woods but you will go through cutting blades like crazy.