What is the hardest thing about being a mom to you?

Answer Easiest: Loving him. It comes naturally.Most fun: His personality. He is such a little ham nowadays!Age: He's 10 months.# of babies: He is our first but hopefully not our last.Gosh, it's hard to sa... Read More »

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What is the hardest thing you've ever bitten into?

Either thr pinto-bean-shaped rock in the taco I got at a roadside stand in Austin, or the piece of soldering wire in a hamburger in Wichita Falls. Ouch!

Is the thing on the table in Torchwood Episode 9 of season 1 the thing that closes anomalies in Primeval?

yes it is i noticed that as well. us eagle eyed veiwers ay

Why were the twins Thing 1 and Thing 2 eliminated on Flavor of Love 2?

What's this thing, "im going to live in Japan for 23 months" thing. ?

It has to do with your birthday:The living one: I'm going to live in (month you were born in [see below]) for (day you were born on) months.January - MexicoFebruary - LondonMarch - MiamiApril - Dom... Read More »