What is the hardest metal alloy in the world?

Answer Globally, the hardest known metal alloy, which covers the question of strongest metal in general as well, is Alloy 1090, a variable of carbon steel. Carbon steel Alloy 1090 provides yield strength... Read More »

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What is the hardest military basic training in the world?

It would probably be the French Foreign Legion. Other elite units typically have a selection process which the applicant goes through after they've completed their basic training, whereas the selec... Read More »

Is the Rock Band World Tour game compatible with Rock Band?

Rock Band does not make a game called World Tour. World Tour is an entry in the Guitar Hero line of games. While similar, Rock Band and Guitar Hero are two different games.Source:Guitar Hero World ... Read More »

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Can you use a Wii Rock Band drum set for World Tour Guitar Hero?

The drum sets packaged with Harmonix's "Rock Band" franchise can't be used to play Activision's "Guitar Hero World Tour" on the Nintendo Wii. With the exception of microphones, there is no instrume... Read More »