What is the hardest liquor?

Answer Everclear is 200 proof, or 100% alcohol. Get help or get dead...

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Is This The Hardest Recipe?

I think Haggis from scratch is harder to do than Peking Duck. But this is my own opinion. And we don't even mention what we think of the taste. (Haggis is a savoury pudding containing sheep's pluck... Read More »

Is oak the hardest wood?

Oak is not the hardest wood. Lignum vitae is the hardest commercial wood available. It is roughly three and one-half times as hard as red oak. Lignum vitae is also a very heavy wood. Its weight and... Read More »

Which car subwoofers hit the hardest?

On One Hand: Top-Rated Subwoofers.Rockford Fosgate, Jl audio, Alpine and Pioneer subwoofers are top-of-the-line speakers, according to Each of these speakers has superior cones than... Read More »

What was the hardest war for the US navy?

WWII. The USN had to provide protection and taxi service in the ETO (European Theater of Operations); but had to fight a Naval War in the PTO (Pacific Theater of Operations).Another words, USN flee... Read More »