What is the hardest thing you've ever bitten into?

Answer Either thr pinto-bean-shaped rock in the taco I got at a roadside stand in Austin, or the piece of soldering wire in a hamburger in Wichita Falls. Ouch!

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Is this the most epic riddle ever?

What is the hardest liquor?

Everclear is 200 proof, or 100% alcohol. Get help or get dead...

What was the hardest war for the US navy?

WWII. The USN had to provide protection and taxi service in the ETO (European Theater of Operations); but had to fight a Naval War in the PTO (Pacific Theater of Operations).Another words, USN flee... Read More »

What is the world's hardest spelling?

Languages that use an alphabetic writing system that have relatively great spelling challenges include: Irish French Danish Hindi English