What was the worst physical injury you have ever received?

Answer OK it was a fine one, my mate showed me his new boots on Easter Weekend, his big new boot met with my front tooth, cracked it, we where out drinking so I thought what the hell even though the nerve... Read More »

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What is the best FASHION ADVICE you have EVER received or given?

Don't put on leggings until you have checked in the mirror (or even better, two mirrors) what you look like from behind!Advice from my mum. I don't have a large backside but a lot of women really o... Read More »

Have you ever received a drunken text.......?

Have you ever received a hostage call?

You didn't pay your hub's ransom like you said you would.Sorry we sent his ears and beanus to the wrong address.

Have you ever received Super Comfy gift-----?

yes, 2 weeks ago for no reason. A super comfy blue house robe from my sweetheart. It wraps around snugly and warms me like fresh toast. Think I'll put it on now, thanks!