Have you ever gotten shot?

Answer Yes, if you are in a big situation you will not notice until a few seconds after. The Pain is the most excruciating thing you can ever imagine.

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Have you ever gotten a areola tattoo?

I was unable to do reconstruction (well, the first try failed miserably) but I thought about whether I would want to do the recreation of the nipple and areola. I don't think I would because it wi... Read More »

Question for those who have gotten Lasik eye surgery?

I haven't had it myself. I looked and for me at my age with my perscription the risks are bad , also I get on fine with contacts. I know 4 people who have had it. Three have been very happy althou... Read More »

Have any of you mom's out there ever gotten "babby fever".....?

Ive been like that for a couple months now..DONT WORRY!! LOL IM NOT HAVING A BABY!But i get like that too, and also feel insane. lol

Have you ever taken the advice you've gotten from here?

Pass time..I have used advice from here...cant really think of what.I have just taken in a lot of info from being here...I have taken in alot of life experience advice from people and that is more ... Read More »