What is the hans device?

Answer Whiplash can cause significant injuries in an automobile accident, but those forces are magnified in racing. In the early 1980s, scientist Dr. Robert Hubbard created a device to limit the effects i... Read More »

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What 3 things did Hans oersted do to be famous?

Yes, the sigma is a good lens for the money. One cannot expect professional result with this chepo lens but for an enthusiast it will serve the purpose.

Was the book Hans Brinker set in Norway or Sweden?

Google's Doodle today. Not honoring Good Friday, instead Hans Christian Andersen's birthday. Opinion ?

I'm also wondering about Google's reason.

Why does a USB mass storage device iPod not have a driver installed and is registered as a different type of USB device?

Answer windows does not need to know the device name if it shows the device as a mass storage device.