Wow guys! Star Wars VII is about to come out lol :D?

Answer I'll see itI hope this was of use

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In Star Wars is the empire and the CIS good guys or bad?

(whispering) they are both bad, you can tell that by... (SHOUTING) ACTUALLY WATCHING THE FILMS!!

Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace, doesn't fit in with the other Star Wars films?

I like the film and I feel it is necessary, but I agree it doesn't flow with the others as well, probably because of the time gap between I and II, which is 10 years.

Where does Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic take place in the Star Wars Movies?

The Knights of the Old Republic series (video games, and also a comic book series) takes place four thousand years before the movies. If you want to put these all into a single KOTOR story timeline... Read More »

How to Beat Bosses in Star Wars the Clone Wars Jedi Alliance?

Learning Star Wars: the Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance can be difficult, but it can be done. Try reading this article and see what you can do!