What is the habitat of the golden eagle?

Answer Golden eagles are the largest birds of prey in North America. They are dark brown with lighter golden-brown feathers on their heads and necks. They can dive on their prey at speeds of more than 150... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between a Bald Eagle & a Golden Eagle?

Ornithologists categorize bald eagles and golden eagles as very large raptors with hooked beaks, long and broad wingspans, and long broad tails. Nations have chosen each bird as their national symb... Read More »

What eats the Golden Eagle?

Golden eagles are at the top of the food chain, so other animals do not prey on them. Even their young are protected from predators because their nests are out of reach. If a golden eagle is injure... Read More »

What Is the Diet of the Golden Eagle?

As birds of prey, golden eagles hunt and eat a variety of small mammals, birds and even the occasional young deer. Golden eagles also will eat carrion, and reptiles. Golden eagles live in deserts, ... Read More »

What Is the Origin of the Golden Eagle?

Golden eagles (aquila chrysaetos) are among the largest raptors in North America; they are comparable in size to bald eagles and California condors. Their name comes from the golden-brown sheen of ... Read More »