What is the habitat of a frog?

Answer Many different frogs species exist, and they live in a variety of habitats. As with all species, a frog's habitat must provide it with the appropriate climate, food supply, water, and shelter to en... Read More »

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What do you need for a frog habitat?

A frog can be a wonderful and easy-to-keep pet, although it can require as much work and effort as a larger pet like a cat and dog, according to Frogland, a frog-keeping site. The key to keeping a ... Read More »

What You Need for a Frog Habitat?

Many species of frogs are commonly kept in captivity as pets. Most species of frogs make great pets, and a proper frog habitat is necessary to make sure the frog stays healthy and lives a long life... Read More »

In what habitat does a frog live in?

Frogs are a highly diversified species with habitats ranging from hot and sunny to cool and humid, but are found primarily in tropical rainforests. They are found on every continent of the world ex... Read More »

What Kinds of Plants Are Best for a Tree Frog Habitat?

Tree frogs are popular, attractive pets. These relatively easy-to-care-for animals prefer a tall enclosure with good ventilation and plenty of climbing branches and plants. While artificial plants ... Read More »