What is the habitat of a black cherry tree?

Answer The black cherry tree (Prunus serotina) grows to a height of 50 to 80 feet and can be found throughout the eastern United States and even into the highland areas of southern Mexico and Guatemala. T... Read More »

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About the Black Cherry Tree?

The black cherry tree is one of the most valuable native North American species. Known for its beautiful blossoms, it is an important source of food for wildlife and people, and it produces fine ha... Read More »

When Will My Black Cherry Tree Produce Fruit?

A cold-hardy, stone-fruit tree, black cherry trees produce aromatic white blooms in spring followed by clusters of dark plump fruits in late summer. Frigid winter months are vital in producing the ... Read More »

How do i plant a black tartarian cherry tree?

PreparationPlant Black Tartarian cherry trees in the early spring. Choose an elevated planting location that gets a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sunlight each day. Till up the area to a depth of 8 to... Read More »

How do you grow a cherry tree from the seed of a cherry?

Put a cherry pit in the ground and water it regularly. Some kind of organic fertilizer might be helpful as well.