How gymnasts do a full twist?

Answer Gymnasts but mainly Cheerleaders throw full twists. To do need to have a PERFECT layout. Or at least a very good one. You start the same as you would for a layout. Once you are in the ai... Read More »

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When was"The Gymnasts"published by Elizabeth Levy?

Scholastic published "The Beginners," the first book in the "Gymnasts" series by Elizabeth Levy, in 1988. The series lasted for 20 books, ending with "Go for the Gold" in 1992.Source:Brief Biograph... Read More »

Do women gymnasts wear protection in the groin area?

A female gymnast's uniform consists of a leotard. Gymnasts may train in leotards and bike shorts or other clothing that allows them to move freely. A gymnast competes in a leotard exclusively, al... Read More »

What is the name of the first arcade game considered first ever made?

The first arcade game ever produced was a game titled "Computer Space," which first appeared as a coin-op machine in 1971. "Computer Space" was designed by Nolan Bushnell, using technology develope... Read More »

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