What is the grossest thing you have ever eaten?

Answer cockroach....wouldn't do it again

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What is the grossest thing you have, EATEN?

My wife and I just had our 1st child. A healthy full of dark haired head, little girl. So, yes I was in the delivery room and doing the DAD thing...."push, hold, deep breath now....". Ok, in some c... Read More »

What's the most grossest thing you've eaten before..(Something wierd and gross)?

Caviar isnt gross!!! In fact i had some for breakfast today!I tried Frog Legs! they turned out to be delicious. taste just like chicken!

What is the grossest thing you have saw someone eat?

My Dad bless him (passed on now) would go to the market every Saturday and buy himself tripe, whelks, and jellied eels. When he got home he would open the whelks first... loads of salt and vinegar,... Read More »

What's the grossest thing you've found in your food?

live moth in my salad before I dove in a pink fake nail in some coleslaw once when i was on a date my date pointed to a large cockroach on the wall right beside me then he found a smaller one in hi... Read More »