What is the grossest thing you have ever eaten?

Answer cockroach....wouldn't do it again

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What was the grossest thing you ever found in your fast-food?

What is the grossest thing/food you have ever eatten Tell the truth..?

Weeeellll, I was in a lil town called York, Alabama. And I do believe that I was about 12 years old, or there abouts. My grandmama had made some fine strips of grilled meat. Crispy, almost black... Read More »

Whats the grossest thing that ever came out of your body?…

What is the grossest thing you have saw someone eat?

My Dad bless him (passed on now) would go to the market every Saturday and buy himself tripe, whelks, and jellied eels. When he got home he would open the whelks first... loads of salt and vinegar,... Read More »