What is the grossest food combination you have ever seen someone eat?

Answer Myself.....When I was pregnant for my oldest....I ate bowls of cottage cheese mixed with ketchup....til it was soup consistancy....andThought it was soooooo good....Why don't they sell this already... Read More »

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What is the grossest thing/food you have ever eatten Tell the truth..?

Weeeellll, I was in a lil town called York, Alabama. And I do believe that I was about 12 years old, or there abouts. My grandmama had made some fine strips of grilled meat. Crispy, almost black... Read More »

What was the grossest thing you ever found in your fast-food?

What is the worst thing you have ever seen someone do to their child in public?

I am SO angered by the story you share! I would have been infuriated to see that, so much so that I probably would have stepped in. She did NOT handle that correctly! Ugh, it makes me so upset!!... Read More »

Have you ever seen someone that looks exactly like you What did you think when you saw him/her?

only when i walked past the mirror.. not much .. took the mirror down lv.