What was the greatest natural disaster in history?

Answer The 1931 China floods are generally considered the greatest and deadliest natural disaster recorded in history, and the largest of the 20th century. On Aug. 18, 1931, the Yangtze River in China pea... Read More »

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Greatest loss of life massacre in us military history?

yes depending on a variety of things. Usually about a year sentencing.... depends if it is intended or not, if the victim dies or not, wat weapon etc... these all depend on how long a person gets i... Read More »

Why is James Joyce considered one of the greatest writers in the history of the English language?

James Joyce is considered one of the greatest writers in English language history because he was technically gifted as well as radically different from any other author that came before him. His ex... Read More »

Which NFL team has gone 17-0 in NFL history?

The 1972 Dolphins had a 17-0 record after going through the entire season and post-season undefeated. For this reason, some people call them the greatest NFL team of all-time. The New England Patri... Read More »

Who is the winningest team in NFL history?

The Chicago Bears, who started playing in 1920, are the winningest team in NFL history. The Bears hold the record for most regular season wins with 693 and the record for combined regular season an... Read More »