What is the greatest church song (hymn or chorus) Especially, what song truly reaches across all Christians?

Answer I love "Amazing Grace" and "How Great Thou Art"....I don't know the composer's names. "Amazing Grace" applies to all Christians because without His grace we would not be saved from our sins."How G... Read More »

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How to Write a Song Chorus?

Have you ever started writing a song, but when you finally get up to the good part, you can't seem to write the chorus?Never fear, this little guide will help you with your troubles.

How to Make Your Own Song Chorus?

A song chorus is the element in a song that comes after the verses. A chorus is typically the same throughout a song, with words and melody repeated exactly or in variation. A strong chorus is impo... Read More »

How to Make a Chorus for a Rap Song?

Rap songs are composed of rhyming couplets, called bars, as well as catchy choruses. In order to write your own chorus, you'll have to think of the lyrics that are suitable to the genre. Your hip-h... Read More »

Song writing can't think of a chorus?

Chorus: Learnin to live everyday prayin that one day I'm so much strong to keep on Goin and Hopin You come help me Cuz its insane oh Its insaneLearnin to breath everyday Havin faith and seekin air ... Read More »