Is formica granite less expensive than granite countertops?

Answer Formica is less expensive than other countertop materials, including granite and marble. Formica is made of plastic and is regarded as a laminate while granite countertops come in the form of a sto... Read More »

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What is granite slab?

Granite is an igneous rock formed by cooled magma or lava, and has different color and texture patterns, typically with a sparkly sheen due to crystals in its structure. It is enhanced, dug up or e... Read More »

What is cultured granite?

In cases where quarried granite proves too costly for a home construction or redecoration project, cultured granite, a manufactured synthetic stone, can provide a strong, attractive, stain-resistan... Read More »

What is granite ware?

Also known as Agate or Enamelware, graniteware was made of tin, and made into common kitchen utensils and cookware from the late 19th century through today.ColorsOriginally, graniteware was green o... Read More »

What color is granite?

The color palette of granite, a naturally occurring igneous rock, is far-reaching. The stone is predominantly gray in color, but can also appear in shades of red, blue, brown, yellow, white and vio... Read More »